Monet interactive website

I stumbled upon this website whilst looking for some good interactive website examples for a presentation I was doing for work, and this has to be one of the best I’ve seen recently. The interaction not only involves the use of your mouse but also, if you are lucky enough to own a super snazzy future machine complete with built-in microphone and webcam, you are in for a treat. The reason for the website is to promote a current Monet exhibition at the Grand Palais gallery in Paris, which it does to such an extent that I think even the most unenthusiastic art lover would be up for the trip over.

The site takes you on a journey through some of Monet’s beautiful works, inviting you to interact with the pieces at different stages. You are asked to blow into your microphone to make the windmill turn or to make the poppy fields blow, as well as make sounds and movements in order to navigate through the pieces. For those without a webcam or microphone, the user experience is still incredible and very enjoyable. I totally suggest that you set aside 10 minutes and just enjoy this website. Hats off to Les 84.


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