Mark Fast SS/11

I was quite excited to see the Mark Fast show, although to be honest, his SS/11 collection all seemed a bit too try hard and done before so I haven’t bothered posting it.

One of the main reasons that I respect him as a designer is that he so bravely ‘dared’ to use size 12 and 14 models in his last show, and judging from the million #lfw tweets it sounded as though he’d used some more lovely curvy girls again, which I was really happy about. However, just having looked through the catwalk gallery I’m assuming that the girl everyone is referring to as the ‘bigger model’ is the girl below, as everybody else looked as though they’d forgotten where their mouths were. This is fairly disturbing though if this is what we consider to be ‘big’ nowadays.

If I’m honest, I don’t think this model looks good, but that is nothing to do with her weight, but more her shape. I think that when choosing larger sized models designers should look at girls with curves. This model is quite masculine with broad shoulders and no waist, which is probably why most people think that bigger models are a bad idea. She doesn’t suit a body con style dress because she doesn’t have an overly femanine figure. If you put Katy Perry in this it’d be a qhole other story. I understand that as a curvy girl myself, it seems fitting that I would appreciate designers more who use more ‘normal’ sized girls, although in all honestly I think I’d always find a Joan Holloway or a Kelly Brook more attractive than a Kate Moss.


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