Excited to see the new Sofia Coppola film. To be a massive cliche of my own generation, I do absolutely adore Virgin Suicides, I think it’s one of the most perfect films ever. However I wasn’t massively blown away by Lost In Translation. Probably my own fault for hyping it up so much in my head before I went to see it. I mean it starred the best actor in the entire world, Bill Murray, and Scarlet Johanssen, back when she was still cool, so f course I hyped it up. It wasn’t bad, I just thought it was allllright.

I see already that I’m probably making the exact same mistake with this film, as I’m already pretty excited for it. The poster alone makes me want to love it. Plus the cast is pretty great too. I always felt like Stephen Dorff should have some cooler roles. He’s like a cooler, less twatty Ethen Hawke. Anyway, here is the lovely poster and the trailer…


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