Roll on Winter

Listening to: Elvis Costello – Alison

I know that in the middle of our lovely British summer it’s always annoying to hear somebody say, “I’ve had enough of this heat now, ooh it’s too hot for me anyway, roll on winter, come on.” but I have always been an autumn/winter kind of girl, and so that annoying person is more than likely, me. I love getting dressed when its cold outside, layering up and cosy jumpers and having reasons to wear any of my million berets and woolly hats. It’s definitely my favourite time for fashion. Everything always seems to be much more elegant and classic, the colours are darker and my slightly Scottish skin gets to stop pretending that it’s happy to be in contact with direct sunlight. The accesories are more fun too, don’t get me wrong, I have a ridiculous collection of sunglasses, but when its cold outside you get to wear lovely scarves and ladylike gloves and you can go ice skating and spend hours in the Liberty Christmas Shop. Plus boys wear lovely coats and nice boots and hats with bobbles on top and grow beards. It’s just a brilliant time of year. So yeah, sorry to be that annoying person but, roll on Winter!

Here’s some lovely Marc pics to try and persuade you to join me on the Winter wagon…


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