Sunday Funday

Yesterday I had the most amazing lone nerd day ever. I went over to the V&A with the intention of seeing the digital design show Decode. Although I decided to save this so I could see it with somebody at a later date. So instead I just wandered around the fashion bit, swooooooned at Chanel suits and the Karl Lagerfeld Piano dress…

and then after a lovely coffee in the sunshine, headed to Photography where I looked at the lovely work of Langdon Clay…

…who reminds me massively of one of my all time favourite ever photographers, William Eggleston…

I also loved Andrew Bush’s driving collection. Taken of random real people in their cars along Routh 101.

The guy in the camero rules…

I then had a wander around the Japanese art section, which I love, and had my mind blown again by the Raphael Cartoons (not cartoons of a red bandana wearing ninja turtle) to finish off.

I then decided to head over to the Science museum. Here I basically spent the whole time reading about rockets, space shuttles and astronauts, and looking at the lunar module replica from Apollo 11….

…and the command module from Appollo 10…

…and basically just wished I was an astronaut.

Then finally I decided that it had been too long since I’d seen the dinos at the Natural History museum so I went to visit them too. Only to find this mega amazingly cool new Earth Structure exhibit at the side entrance of the building, which was cool…

Also think this little guy might be my new favourite at the museum….(except the dinos, obviously)

So I basically managaed to cram everything I love into one day : )

If only Zac Efron was waiting outside the Dinosaur exhibition holding a kitten and CSI boxset. Then it would’ve been pretty much perfect.


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