Jimmy Eeeewwww

Ok so, I hate Jimmy Choo. There I said it.

I have always considered Jimmy Choo’s to be the choice ‘designer’ of those with a lot of money, and not a lot of style. They are uninspired, unimaginative and massively predictable designs, season after season. They are made for young women who watch Sex And The City and would happily pay ¬£600 for the chance to utter the phrase “Oh they’re Jimmy Choo’s” to their equally unimagive, vanilla friends.

So I think you get the point, I think they’re terrible.

I also hate Uggs. They look terrible on everybody, they’re clumpy, totally styless and are basically made for WAGS in velour tracksuits. (My biggest pet peeve is when people who wear Uggs, or even worse, fake Uggs, trample down the backs of them so they are walking like they have 2 false feet on slants. Argh sooo bad!)

Anyway, you can only imagine my horror when I read about the nightmare collaboration that is the above mentioned style sinners. I have no idea what abortion this will spawn, but we can only hope that in doing such a terrible, terrible thing both brands will create such a disgraceful collection that they will do the decent thing and hide away in shame for years to come.


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