More like 2 men, a baby and a mega babe.

So Anna came into my room last weekend and said “Dude, I’ve rented 3 Men and A Baby on the tv, make sure you watch it today becuase i’m going out now to find a copy of 3 Men and A Little Lady, so we can watch that later.” So, after spending the day doing work I decided to give it a watch as I haven’t seen it since i was a nipper. Anyway turns out that Tom Selleck is in fact the most handsome man alive! Obvisouly i didn’t think this as a child (which is good) but now – hello! Also with it being movember I am currently surrounded by the extremely handsome boys of the Ministry of Sound office all sporting lovely moustaches around me all day. So I really am digging Tom’s look in that movie. Great 90s gear too.

Mo’ moustaches, mo’ problems.


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