Monsters of Folk

Last week I went to see the ultimate supergroup Monsters of Folk with lovely boys Richard Davies and George ‘The Hit Man’ Hartley. Needless to see that the show was absolutely incredible. I really loved the mixed bag crowd that were there too. I was expecting to walk into a room of twee, 25 year olds wearing an abundance of lumberjack shirts and tortured looks, carrying tote bags full of Sylvia Plath and roll ups. Instead it really was a total mix of people, which was cool. I don’t think anybody would of felt out of place there, which is nice. The Troxy venue was a super cool art deco miami vice colour themed 80s dream too, which added to the fairly bizarre evening.

Anyway I was absolutely clueless about the fact that they were going to also treat us to some Bright Eyes/M Ward/My morning Jacket tracks too! My heart literally nearly expolded at the site and sound of (the actual love of my life) Conor Oberst playing At The Bottom of Everything and Another Travelling Song. Sighsville.

Anyway if you haven’t yet listened to this band, well you’re an idiot, sorry but you are, so watch this and then slap your wrist for not having alrady seen it.


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