Graham Coxon

…is absolutely adorable. Thanks to the lovely Jason, we have had the pleasure of some great shows in the last week. The first of these being Bat For Lashes who are obviously very beautiful and lovely. And furthermore Natasha Khan’s voice has to be the most perfect thing I have ever heard. What a super babe. The set ended on the incredible, Daniel. Amazing.

Anyway on Thursday we also got to see the wonderful and irrisitably loveable, Mr Graham Coxon. Mostly playing songs from his latest album meant that the set was fairly acoustic and ambient. Which was lovely, especially as Jason, Buzz and I were suffering severly from a hefty session of lucky Voice from the night before. Although Jason and I did still manage to muster up the energy for some “YOU’RE SO FIT!” heckles for the lovely man. And also my life long belief that stripes really are the best thing to wear, was very much clarified by the striped Coxon babe. There were a few older tracks thrown in for some epic 90s guitar moments every so often, which kind of made you remember that “oh yeah, he’s the guitarist from Blur”. Without this i think Coxon’s solo career bears very little resemblance, which is a great thing of anyone who has left an epically famous band to form a solo career (James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins springs to mind.)


Anyway, enough nonce sense (i love you buzz) listen to this. (Sorry if you haven’t got Spotify….why haven’t you got Spotify? Sort it out.)


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