So last night we went to see pop punk veterans New Found Glory. Having extremely fond memories of being 15-17 years old and seeing them with some incredible other bands, and having ridiculous amounts of fun with them, we were obviously really excited to be seeing them again 8 years on. Despite the excitement however, there was also a slight fear of turning up and being an average of 10 years older than anybody else in the room, and not being able to be a beer from the underage bar (cut to friday night where this exact thing happened to Baigues, Viv and myself whist watching the most TERRIBLE band you can imagine, CA$H CA$H – like what I did there boys?)

Anyway, skip to the end….NFG were AMAZING! They basically played every single song everybody wanted to hear, the crowd was an average age of 26 and everybody seemed to let go of any pretencious preconceptions of being “cool” and just had a stupid amount of fun instead, which was a lovely refreshing change. Plus the band seemed to really enjoy themselves and appreciate the loyalty of all the old skool fans. Oh and Jordan and Chad are both still super tattooed babes. So, all in all a great night was had by all. I’ve never been so disgustingly covered in beer and sweat in my life, whooo.

Here are my top 3 NFG vids in celebration (for some reason they’re all pretty low quality/rubbs but nay mind). Oh to be 15 again…


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