Afew people have told me about this recently and i just got round to watching it. Surely she couldn’t hear herself singing, and the equipment wasn’t working correctly. There is no other explaination. Unbearable.

At least the crowd of deaf people seem to enjoy it..

On man, Alia just told sent me this, So, yeah…it’s bullshit….slightly dissapointed to be honest.


2 Responses to “O-M-G”

  1. Sexton Says:

    CHRIST BRIGHOUSE!!! Where did you find this? this is absolute gold…. her first ‘if i was a BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY’ note is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard……

  2. katebauhaus Says:

    I know I was amazed, but apparently it’s not real. GUTTED. To be fair the crowd look far too happy for it to be real, there aren’t enough completely horrified faces. Although Beyonce doesn’t look that happy with is why I believed it.

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