ASBO cankle tag..

Ruth and I went to watch the Marathon yesterday (congrats to all who ran, much respect!) and we were walking across Millenium Bridge to get a good view of the runners below, so we could take some nice pictures. But instead we got distract and decided it was far more fun to try and get a photo of the ASBO girl with the cankle tag in front of us. Euuurrrrghh. (Probably really wrong to put this up, but it’s funny.)

…..Oh and I’ve actually just noticed that her mate has one too. Man i wanna party with them girls.




2 Responses to “ASBO cankle tag..”

  1. baby baigues Says:

    Maybe it’s the look. the new look. geddit. new look.
    i’ll go now

  2. Gav Says:


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