Friday banana

Occasionally people give me bananas to draw on becuase I really like drawing on bananas. If you’ve never drawn on a banana, do it, it’s ace. Make sure you use a bic though, no other biro will do. I had lots of photos my past bananart (clever, eh?) on my old phone but it got nicked by pikeys. Boo.

Anyway gutted today cuz Alia managed to find the world’s biggest/straightest/bestest banana, and I was too busy to make good use of it, so we settled for friday banana.



2 Responses to “Friday banana”

  1. babybaigues Says:

    kate – this is insane! I just made a post about all the bananas i wrote on too – how do we keep doing this? unpost alert!
    it feels so nice dunnit. i wish paper was made of banana skin.

  2. katebauhaus Says:

    Yeah it is pretty weird that we have the same brain. Not even a male and female version, we both fancy Efron and Fox the same weird amount.

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