Tatty Devine

I’ve been thinking for a while about getting another tattoo, but I seem to have grown fickle in my older age and faddy london lifestyle, and can’t decide on one thing that I know I won’t be bored of very quickly. If i was a good enough illustrator I’d just draw something ridiculously cool and have that done, but seeing as I’m not, I probably shouldn’t. To be honest the best thing to do is probably to wait until my amazing friend Ruth Hornby moves to London, then we can go and impulsively visit a tattoo parlour one Saturday afternoon and pick something there and then at random, as we did aged 15. Definitely the best idea I’d say. I am definitely vetoing the world ‘tribal’ from coming anywhere near me that day though.

What a pointess little bit of writing, sorry. I’m just trying to vary on my usual fit boys and good films posts.


2 Responses to “Tatty Devine”

  1. baby baigues Says:

    haha. so true. Brighouse’s hot films and hotter boys blog.

  2. katebauhaus Says:

    I know! Haha, hot boy – good film – nice clothes – hot boy – great film – nice illustrator – hot boy – hot girl – efron. Standard.

    To be fair the Josh Beech obsession is partly your fault.

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