Horne and Corden

I’m so confused by this whole T4/NME fascination with Horne and Corden. Have a completely missed something? Gavin & Stacey was pretty much on par for me with 2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, as far as respectable comedy goes….(Rob brydon, why???) And that new Horne and Corden sketch show is nothing but a complete abortion, right? Mitchell and Webb in my opinion made a mistake when turning their skills to a sketch show, as obviously this in no way compared to the brilliance of Peep Show, not written by them I know, and by no means am i comparing Peep Show and Gavin & Stacey, but it seems that when these comedy actors turn their hand to taking complete creative control, things tend to go horrifically wrong.

I seriously have yet to see the charm with these pair and I have yet to find one of my friends who feels any differently. So who the fuck is watching this shit? I even find it hard to believe that most of the people interviewing them on T4 or whatever shows they always seems to be on nowadays, can be as truely in awe as they claim when faced with these two average guys, who wouldn’t measure up to any of my friends when it comes to having a good sense of humour.

James Corden, yes we get that you’re fat, that’s erm.. very funny yes, we see you’ve taken your top off now, hilarious. Have you thought about calling up Katy Brand, you’re both fat so that would just be a non stop laugh riot.

Phew what a rant. I’m just more confused more than anything because I don’t understand who is responsible for making these two as famous as they are. Hopefully they’ll have a classic 21st century fame life span and be out of my life completely in a few months.

And another thing, Matt Horne – NOT FIT.


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