What’s My Age Again?


On saturday night, myself and my lovely friends went to the What’s My Age Again night at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. It was basically an excuse for all of us 24-28 year olds to go and listen to music which instantly makes you feel like you’re 15 again. Never before have I screamed so many lyrics in strangers faces. It turned out to be the most rawkus night ever, highlighted by the prince of pop punk himself, Dan Viv crowd surfing and bringing down the light fitting with him….also mentioned here, which is funny. It was basically the closest you’re gonna get to an American Spring Break rawkus party in East London. I’ve never seen so many sweaty people looking so happy, and almost praying for the amazing run of great tracks to end, long enough to attempt the impossible trip to the bar or at least long enough to ring the beer out of their tee shirts. Luckily Luke, Jazmin and myself managed to stay standing on top of our chairs the whole night and so got slightly less covered in beer, until Benny knocked the whole tables of drinks flying, but apart from that I’d say we came out slightly less covered in beer, floor and sweat. Only slightly, mind. Blink 182, Alkaline Trio, Saves The Day, Jimmy Eat World, Thursday, Brand New, Weezer and more Get Up kids tracks than your overheated brain could deal with. A few of us managed to lose an item of clothing or something of value there that night, but at the time you couldn’t care less. Needless to say it was AMAZING. I didn’t take any photos, dur, but I would love desperately to find some as they’ll be the most haggarded and unattractive moments of our lives yet. Can’t wait til the next one.


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