He’s Just Not That Into You


Passy and I went to see this last night at our lovely local Cineworld. The cinema was full of girls going “Ooohh” “aaawwww” and “Ooh nooo!” all the way through, which was actually lovely. It was nice to be surrounded by such a wholesome crowd. The movie was surpringsly good, and I thought that Ginnifer Goodwin was by far the best thing about it, despite not really liking her in Walk The Line. She might be the cutest girl ever, and carries a style not unlike Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks, which is amazing.

Scarlett Johanssen however is cringeworthy. Not sure what’s going on with her ill fitting jeans and constant determination to tuck in her tee shirts, let alone her rank porn star hair. Just awful.

Apart from that, it’s actually a really good movie, even Affleck is loveable, and I hate Affleck.

We cried too, about 3 times. It’s a nice movie, see it.


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